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LeaseBike - How it Works

LeaseBike - How it Works

Bleeper launched our new bike-leasing service LeaseBike last month and it has proven to be very popular so far.

For as little as €19.99 per week you can get your very own e-bike, which you keep 24/7, and the weekly fee also covers the cost of any maintenance or repairs. It's just like owning a bike, but without the hassle!

‍We've had a lot of queries about how LeaseBike works, so in this blog we'll break down the key points that people need to know.

LeaseBike - How it Works

The Veloci Sport e-bike is available for €19.99 per week

Joining Fee

You will be charged a once-off Joining Fee at checkout when you first sign up to LeaseBike. The cost of the Joining Fee depends on the bike model you choose. The Joining Fee is a one-time payment and is separate to your weekly LeaseBike payments. Your weekly payments will only begin on the day you collect your bike.‍

Weekly Lease Fee

Your weekly LeaseBike payment (€19.99 for the Veloci Spirit or Sport) will commence on the day you collect your bike. These weekly payments will continue until you cancel your membership AND return your bike.‍

Repair & Replacement

In the event that something goes wrong with your LeaseBike (such as a puncture) Bleeper will repair or replace it. You can bring your bike to Bleeper’s workshop on Merchants Quay or avail of our call-out service, which operates as follows:‍

LeaseBike - How it Works

If you have a bike repair issue, please contact and we will arrange a service for you.‍

Fair Use

Your Bleeper LeaseBike subscription permits the use of an ebike for up to 250 kilometres per week. It is intended for everyday use, such as commuting and leisure cycling. It is not intended for commercial use, such as food delivery. Click here for our commercial use/ delivery bike.‍

Preventative Maintenance

Your LeaseBike subscription includes routine preventative maintenance, at no additional cost, which the user is required to accommodate, either at Bleeper’s workshop or via our mobile mechanic service.‍

Bike Damage & Deposit

Security Deposit: On the day you collect your bike you will be required to pay a refundable deposit. (The deposit amount depends on the bike model. The deposit for the Veloci Spirit and Sport is €150.) This deposit will be refunded in full when the bike and its accessories are returned in good condition.‍

Bike Damage: The user may be held liable for the cost of any damage caused to the bike or battery through misuse or carelessness. (Routine wear & tear such as punctures are covered through our Repair & Replacement service.)‍

Theft, Loss & Liability

Theft Prevention: The user will be supplied with locks which must be used to secure the bike. Overnight storage in a public place (e.g. on the street) is not permitted.

Battery Security: Our e-bikes come with removable batteries which can be removed using a key. Users are encouraged to remove the battery from the e-bike whenever the bike is locked in a public place.

Liability: In the event of the loss or theft of the bike and/or the battery, the user is obliged to report this to Bleeper within 24 hours. Depending on the circumstances of loss (e.g. if the bike was locked or not), Bleeper will be entitled to charge the user a deductible up to the following maximum amounts:

LeaseBike - How it Works
The deductible that must be paid if your LeaseBike is lost or stolen


Visit the LeaseBike homepage for more information.