Get the App

Download the Bleeper app from your app store, enter a few details to register your account, and unlock a bike with your phone.

Our Operating Zone

Bleeper has a 100km² operating area across Dublin within which all our bikes must be parked. You can view which parts of Dublin are included in our operating zone from within our app. We currently operate in Dublin City, Fingal County, and Dún Laoghaire - Rathdown.

All available bikes can also be viewed and unlocked within the Bleeper app and bikes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bike Parking Rules

When you finish your bike ride you must wrap the black locking chain around a public bike rack and insert the locking bar into the smart lock and through the rear wheel of the bike.

Parking our bikes onto lamposts, railings, gates, within private property etc... is not acceptable and you will receive a fine.


PAYG customers are charged a €1 unlock fee and €0.02 per minute thereafter (€0.01 when in Pit-Stop).

Customers with a Monthly Pass get unlimited 1-Hour Trips.*(*Fees are charged at the PAYG rate after the first hour.)

Pay as You Go (PAYG)

€1 unlock fee

Ride Fee

€0.02 per minute

Pit - Stop

€0.01 per minute

1 Month Pass

€17.50 for Unlimited 1-Hour Trips

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