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To hire a cargo bike, download the Bleeper app, enter a few details to register your account, and unlock a cargo bike with your phone.

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Cargo Bike Options

There are two cargo bike types available to hire: A box cargo bike and a longtail cargo bike. Both bikes are assisted by an electric motor.

The box cargo bike has a front box which can carry two child passengers or up to 50kg of cargo.

The longtail cargo bike has an elongated rear carrier which can carry two child passengers or one adult passenger.

Cargo Bike Options

Cargo Bike Location

Our shared cargo bikes are stored in a bike bunker near the Dublin Bikes station on the Portobello Road, beside the Grand Canal.

Please note that the cargo bikes must be returned to the bunker at the end of your hiring period: They cannot be left in other locations like Bleeper's regular public bikes.

The cargo bikes must be pre-booked using the Bleeper app.

Bunker Location

Accessing The Bunker

The cargo bike bunker is accessed via a smartphone app called Evva Airkey. Follow these steps to access the bunker:

1. Make sure you already have a Bleeper account set up.

2. Download the Evva Airkey app.

3. Email Bleeper ( ) to request access to the bunker. (May take 24 hours)

4. At the bunker, tap on the Evva lock to "wake it up."

5. Hold your phone near the lock to open it via Blutooth.

6. When the light on the lock turns green, rotate the knob & lift the handle to open the bunker.


Trip Fee
The cargo bikes cost €1 per 15 minutes of use. This fee is capped at €25 for one day.*

*Please note the cargo bike must be returned to the bunker by 10pm.

Hiring & Unlocking

Booking the Cargo Bike
In the Bleeper app, tap the tab at the top of the map to switch to the Cargo Bikes - Dublin service.

Select the cargo bike you want to hire and then choose the date & times you want to hire it for.

Unlocking the Cargo Bike
When you have opened the bunker, tap 'Start Trip' in the Bleeper app to unlock the bike.

The wheel lock will open, releasing the locking chain. Wrap and secure the chain around the seat post before beginning your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cargo bikes electric?

Yes, the cargo bikes have a battery and an electric motor which can assist the rider up to a speed of 25km/h. Above that speed, the electric motor will automatically cut out and won't assist again until the speed drops below 25km/h.

Can I keep the cargo bike overnight?

It is not possible to keep the cargo bike overnight, and you must return the cargo bike to the bunker by 10pm.

How long before my booking time can I unlock the cargo bike?

Answer goes here.

If I return the cargo bike early, do I still get charged for my full booking time?

Yes, you will still be charged for the full time that you have booked, even if you return the cargo bike early.

If I arrive late for my booking, can I still unlock the cargo bike?

Yes, you can still unlock the cargo bike at any time during your booking period.

Can I carry passengers on the cargo bike?

Yes, the cargo bikes are designed for carrying passengers. The box cargo bike can carry up to two child passengers. The longtail cargo bike can carry two child passengers or one adult passenger. Seats for babies or toddlers are not provided.

If I return the cargo bike late, is there a penalty charged?

Yes there is a fee for returning the cargo bike late, as this may affect other customers who have made a booking.

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