Raleigh Pro electric cargo bike (refurbished)
Raleigh Pro electric cargo bike (refurbished)
Raleigh Pro electric cargo bike (refurbished)

Raleigh Pro electric cargo bike (refurbished)

The Raleigh eCargo Pro is the ideal electric cargo bike for your precious cargo. The weather resistant cargo box has a 350 litre capacity and can carry loads of up to 80kg, with a lockable lid for additional security.

*Refurbished bikes do not qualify for the Bike to Work grant scheme.

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Bike Condition

  • Fully Serviced
  • Low Mileage 1862Km
  • Small Cosmetic Scratches On 350 Litre box With Lockable Lid
  • Excellent Condition
  • Charger Included

Compact & Robust

Make light work of heavy loads with a helping hand from the mid-engine 250Wh Yamaha motor. The Business Cargo is specifically designed around an electric pedal assist platform, utilising a 26" rear wheel and 20" front wheel, to bring you the optimum balance of performance, power and comfort. The Raleigh Pro will help you carry more with less hassle. Perfect for carrying deliveries and shopping.

High End Components

The Raleigh Pro Cargo bike has excellent components to ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience. This includes:

  • Yamaha Mid-Engine 250W, 70Nm Torque Mid Motor
  • Yamaha Downtube 36V /13.9Ahr, 500WH Battery 
  • Range From 30-60Km 
  • Integrated Front and Rear AXA LED Lights 
  • Extra Sturdy Frame, Shockproof Treated Coating
  • Tektro T285, Hydraulic Disc


Make your new cargo bike work for you! - We offer a customized decal service to enhance your cargo bike and grow your business. Stand out from the crowd by adding branding and signage on the sides and top of the cargo box.


We have a 3 month warranty protecting you against any defects. 



Part Specification

Yamaha Mid-Engine, 250W, 70Nm Torque (Mid motor)


Yamaha Downtube 36V / 13.9Ahr 500WH


*30 - 60Km


30V 2.17A (Fully charged in 4-6 hours)



Max speed

25 KM / H*


Nuvinci 300 Stepless Shifting System


Tektro T285, Hydraulic Disc


ART Approved Treklock Ring Lock




Schwalbe Big Apple

 LED Lights

 LED Lights

Sophisticated safety and vital visibility thanks to integrated front and rear LED lights – a must for lower light travel and busy city streets.



The Powerful 250W Yamaha mid-drive motor generates powerful rider assistance (up to 70Nm torque), making moving heavy loads easy.

80kg Load Capacity

80kg Load Capacity

A lightweight fibreglass box carries up to 80kg of cargo  plus 100kg rider load limit, ideal for last-mile deliveries.


Q1: How do I pay for my bike?

You will be charged to the bank card you provide at checkout.

Q2: I have completed my order, what's next?

We will contact you to let you know when your bike is ready for collection. Bike pickups take place from our workshop in Merchants Quay, D08 K3KD.

Q3: Do you have a warranty?

Yes we have a 12 month warranty protecting you against any defects.

Q4: What about wear & tear?

Scratches and the odd bent spoke are an acceptable level of wear and tear and you will not be charged. If it is an unacceptable level of damage we will assess it and give you a quote to repair or replace the damaged parts.

Q5: How do I charge the my electric bike?

There is an input on the right side of the battery where you can connect the charger. You can charge the battery when it is placed in the e-bike or you can slide it out of the frame and charge it inside your house.

Q6: How many kilometers can I ride with a fully charged battery?

The range of your e-bike depends on several variable factors such as the total weight being carried (including the rider), the power setting being used (Eco Mode vs Turbo Mode), the terrain (especially hills) and weather factors such as temperature and wind. Because of all these variables, it isn’t possible to give an exact range for an ebike in terms of kilometres, but we can provide estimates for the low and high ends of the range of each bike. Please contact our Customer Care team if you have queries about a specific ebike model.

Have any questions?

Our customer care team can answer any of your queries.