Getting Started

Download the Bleeper App from the App Store or Google Play

My Private Scheme is accessed through the main menu of the Bleeper App.

Follow the steps 1 – 5 in our interactive display.

Once your request has been confirmed, your private bikes will become visible to you on your Bleeper App map.

St James's Hospital My Private Scheme

A orange, or wayfinding.

Access will be granted within 24 hours of submission.

A orange, or wayfinding.

All private bikes are easily identifiable on their "My Private Scheme" map.

A orange, or wayfinding.

Identify the bike you would like to use. Tap ‘Unlock’ and follow the process.

A orange, or wayfinding.

Loop the lock black cable/chain around the saddle and back into the smart lock.

A orange, or wayfinding.

Important! Only St James's Hospital employees will be granted access

St James's Hospital Parking Hubs

All St James's Hospital ‘My Private Scheme’ bikes reside at the "Central Cycle Hub” adjacent to the main entrance to the hospital.

All users must ensure that bikes are returned to the Central Cycle Hub after each use and please "End Journey" as per the Bleeper app.

Fines and removal from the scheme can occur for incorrect usage or persistent re-offending. 

Top Tips

  • Helmets and hi vis vests are available from the security office in the concourse
  • If you would like to attend an eBike familiarisation briefing please email Barry McKenna (
  • If you have any general questions on the St James's Hospital eBikes please check the intranet page (Intranet/Smartertravel/eBike Scheme)
  • If you have any questions on how the eBikes or the app works, contact Bleeper's customer care team (
  • If you need to lock your eBike while you're away from the Central Cycle Hub, use the 'Pause Journey' function in the app.

Contact Bleeper for more information