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Private Scheme Northeastern University

Northeastern University My Private Scheme

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This scheme is for Northeastern University students only. Non Northeastern University students will be denied access/removed from the scheme.

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Please create an account on the Bleeper App using your Northeastern University email address.

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Your Northeastern University email address will be shared with UCD Global for verification purposes only.

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Once registered, enter ''Northeastern University'' when searching for a My Private Scheme in the Bleeper app.

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It will take up to 24 hours to obtain access once a request has been submitted.

Northeastern University Parking Hubs

The Northeastern University ‘My Private Scheme’ Parking Hub is located on the UCD Belfield campus.

Users must ensure that bikes are returned to the UCD Belfield campus after use and that the ‘End Journey’ process has been completed.

Users who leave a bike outside their Parking Hub for longer than 24 hours will be contacted.

Incorrect usage and persistent re-offending will result in fines and/or removal from the scheme

Top Tips

  • All bikes must be parked at a designated bike stand inside and outside your Parking Hub.
  • Please complete the ‘End Journey’ process in the Bleeper app.
  • In accordance with RSA guidelines, all riders are recommended to wear bicycle helmets. For other safety tips click here.
  • If you have any issues with one of our bikes please report it via the Bleeper app or contact us.
  • For further information about our bikes visit our website.

Getting Started

Download the Bleeper App from the App Store or Google Play

Tap on the main menu and tap 'Join a Private Scheme'.

Follow the steps 1 – 5 in our interactive display.
Once your request has been confirmed, your private

Northeastern University

bikes will become visible to you on your Bleeper App map.

Getting Started
Getting Started
Getting Started
Getting Started
Getting Started

Contact Bleeper for more information