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We sell a variety of new and refurbished bikes, including electric bikes, folding bikes, longtail cargo bikes & box cargo bikes.

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Bleeper is a registered Bike to Work retailer, with grants available on our full range of new electric bikes and cargo bikes.

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Bleeper's Refurbishment Process

1. Diagnostics Report

Our diagnostics software analyses the ebike's motor and battery, generating a comprehensive report.

2. Mechanical Inspection

Bleeper's certified mechanics check every component of the bike to ensure they meet industry standards.

3. Repair & Replace

Any substandard components are repaired or replaced before a bike is declared roadworthy.

Refurbished Bike Categories

Like New

Low mileage, no signs of wear & tear.

Very Good

Moderate mileage, slight signs of use such as micro-scratches.


High mileage, some visible signs of wear & tear.

Frequently asked questions

Check most frequently asked questions here. If you still need help, then contact us directly at customercare@bleeperactive.com

Does my refurbished eBike come with a warranty?

Yes. We only sell refurbished ebikes which have been carefully inspected by our certified mechanics, so we are happy to offer a warranty on all our refurbished ebikes.

What is the range of my eBike's battery?

There is no straightforward answer for this question because the range varies due to a number of factors: Weather (wind direction & temperature), level of assistance (Eco Mode vs Turbo Mode), and topography (hilly vs flat).

Each of the ebikes we sell has a specific estimated range, defined by the size of the battery and the weight of the ebike itself.

The capacity of a battery is usually determined in watt-hours (Wh), and below are some very general estimates for the cycling range of some common ebike batteries:

A 500Wh battery will have a range of around 80km.

A 400Wh battery will have a range of around 60 km.

A 300Wh battery will have a range of around 40km.

Does my refurbished eBike come with a charger?

Yes, all our refurbished ebikes are sold with a compatible charger.

How long will it take to charge my battery?

This will vary from model to model, but most ebike batteries can be fully charged from empty in around 4-6 hours. Some ebikes have detachable batteries which you can take with you, e.g. to charge at your desk while you work.

What size bike should I choose?

For each refurbished ebike offered for sale by Bleeper, we specify the minimum and maximum recommended size in the description of each model. The seat height and handlebar adjustments will then allow you to adapt the bike precisely to your individual requirements.

How do I keep my eBike secure from theft or vandalism?

We recommend using the highest standard of locks you can afford to keep your ebike secure. If your ebike has a detachable battery, we recommend removing the battery if the bike is locked for a prolonged period. It is advisable to always lock your ebike indoors or in a secure lock-up or shed, if available.

How many kilometres can I ride with a fully charged battery?

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