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UCD International Students Explore Dublin with Bleeper 'My Private Scheme'

UCD International Students Explore Dublin with Bleeper ‘My Private Scheme’

For the second year in a row, Bleeper is providing a private fleet of shared Bleeper bikes to international students studying at UCD. With 70+ bikes serving over 500 international students, cycling has become the number one mode of transport when travelling inside and outside of the UCD campus.

Completely free to use, students can use Bleeper bikes to explore the vibrant city of Dublin in a safe and convenient way. ‘My Private Scheme’ allows students explore the very best Dublin has to offer, not to mention all the great towns and villages on both the north and south side of the city. Some of the most popular destinations for the students have been the Phoenix Park, Howth, Blackrock village, Dún Laoghaire, Dundrum Shopping Centre and the City Centre.

UCD student Haley Barnes exploring Poolbeg Lighthouse on a Bleeper bike

“Truly, they have been one of the best things on campus for us to use” Elizabeth Hall – UCD Global student 2021.

Bleeper bikes can be faster and more convenient than public transport. It also offers students a different perspective and various routes to get out and enjoy Dublin’s sights and scenes. The goal of the study abroad program is for students to enrich themselves beyond the classroom. For many students who are living short-term in Dublin, Bleeper is an affordable way to access the joy and freedom of cycling. Our team at Bleeper are proud to provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Irish culture and society.

UCD Global in collaboration with Bleeper, provided a fleet of free bicycles to our international students. We ran the scheme in response to the Covid-19 measures that were in place at the time (restrict movement to 5km/10km, avoid public transport). We figured two wheels would help them get further and faster than two feet! The Bleeper bike private scheme was a huge hit with our international students. They had the freedom to exercise and explore, do some sightseeing and of course do the weekly shop,” Enda Fitzsimons, Cultural Programmes Coordinator, UCD Global