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Make Your Company Climate-Friendly With Bleeper

Make Your Company Climate-Friendly With Bleeper

With companies preparing to return to the office, Bleeper is providing climate-friendly transport solutions for everyday journeys.


71% of Irish businesses say sustainability and climate change have an impact on their decision making, while 42% believe that being a greener business attracts more customers. That's according to the latest research conducted by SSE Airtricity for its Green Business Sentiment Index.

Transport is Ireland's second biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions (after agriculture) and this is an area where Bleeper is helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint with our innovative range of sustainable transport solutions.

Make Your Company Climate-Friendly With Bleeper
Bleeper's eBike makes light work of short trips around Dublin

We've had a recent surge of interest in Bleeper's My Private Scheme service, which provides private fleets of shared bicycles to businesses, organisations and residential facilities.

As companies prepare for their staff to return to the office, they're rethinking how their employees move around the city - to meetings, to lunch, to other company sites - and a private fleet of shared bicycles is the ultimate climate-friendly transport solution, with the added bonus of building physical activity into people's everyday journeys.

Make Your Company Climate-Friendly With Bleeper
The Bleeper App provides access to both our Public & Private shared bikes

Bleeper's private fleets can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer, with pedal-powered bikes, electric bikes, and even cargobikes available. Bleeper also monitors and maintains the private fleets, taking the hassle out of managing such a company resource. As well as maintaining the bicycle fleet, Bleeper will also provide your company with regular reports, so you can see exactly how your carbon footprint is being reduced.

You can find out more about Bleeper's private schemes here.