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Launch of Mobility Partnership Ireland

Launch of Mobility Partnership Ireland

A coalition of leading private sector transport and mobility providers in Ireland, including Bleeper, have established Mobility Partnership Ireland (MPI), a sustainability-driven coalition, in a move to strengthen and expand sustainable shared mobility options across Ireland.

Enterprise Holdings, Bleeper, Moby and Yuko have committed to the industry-wide sustainable mobility agenda that will provide safe, green, accessible and efficient alternatives to private car ownership.

Launch of Mobility Partnership Ireland

MPI’s vision is for Ireland to develop as a European and global leader in sustainable mobility by adopting policies that will enable innovation, promote public health and support climate action.

Minister for Transport, Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan officially launched the ambitious new coalition at an event at Dublin City Council’s Wood Quay venue on Monday 23rd May.

Speaking of the partnership, Minister Eamon Ryan said, ‘‘It is timely and appropriate that the private sector plays a central part in providing sustainable, affordable and shared mobility options to communities around the country, including both urban and rural regions of the country."

"The advancement of shared sustainable transport and active transport will alleviate both the pressures private car ownership places in Ireland’s zero-carbon agenda, as well as the financial pressures people are experiencing due to rising energy costs."

Launch of Mobility Partnership Ireland

MPI was born out of the common desire among its founding members to raise awareness of and improve and expand shared sustainable mobility, recognising the changing needs of users, and ensuring that climate and community transport objectives are at the heart of their services.

MPI aims to expand its membership, in time, to include additional modes of transport as well as public transport operators. The integration of public and private transport is crucial in changing user behaviour away from private car ownership.

More information about Mobility Partnership Ireland, its vision and goals, as well as how to become an associate member, is available at