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Introducing LeaseBike!

Introducing LeaseBike!

Say hello to LeaseBike:

Your very own e-bike for €19.99 per week!

Dubliners can now get their hands on an e-bike for just €19.99 per week thanks to a new service launched by Bleeper.

LeaseBike is a subscription e-bike service which provides users with their very own e-bike, lock and charger. Unlike Bleeper’s shared public bikes, LeaseBike users keep their e-bike all the time - so it’s just like owning a bike, but without the hassle.

The weekly subscription fee also covers any maintenance or repairs, such as punctures, meaning that you never have to worry about your bike letting you down.

Subscription bike services have been growing in popularity on the European continent in recent years and the new €19.99 service from LeaseBike puts Dublin on a par with other major European cities.

Introducing LeaseBike!
The Veloci Sport can be leased for €19.99 per week

“We have two e-bike models available for €19.99 per week,” says Bleeper founder and CEO Hugh Cooney. “These are city ebikes, ideal for someone who commutes in and out of the city centre. These e-bikes have a great battery range and a powerful motor, so they’ll even suit people living in the foothills of the Dublin mountains!”

Introducing LeaseBike!
The Veloci Spirit can be leased for €19.99 per week

Repair or Replace

One of the major benefits of LeaseBike is that the repair or replacement of your e-bike is built into the weekly subscription fee.

If something goes wrong with your LeaseBike, Bleeper will either repair or replace your e-bike at its city centre workshop at no additional cost.

“Nobody wants to lose the use of their bike for a few days while it’s being repaired,” says Cooney,” so with LeaseBike you will receive a replacement e-bike to keep you on the road.”

“E-bike ownership has increased dramatically in recent years, but cost is still a barrier for a lot of people. LeaseBike eliminates the upfront cost of buying an ebike and will give more people the opportunity to use an ebike for their daily trips.”

People can find out more about LeaseBike on the Bleeper website: