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Bleeper Public Bike Fees 2024

What fees are changing:

On the 1st of January 2024 we will be making the following changes to our fees for Bleeper's public bike service:

  • The per-minute hire fee for Bleeper bikes will increase from €0.02 per minute to €0.04 per minute.
  • The Pit-Stop function, which enables users to pause their trip and lock the Bleeper bike until they need it again, will increase from €0.01 per minute to €0.02 per minute.
  • The €1 Unlock Fee will remain unchanged.
  • The Monthly Pass will remain unchanged at €17.50, which gives the user unlimited one-hour trips for one month.

Introducing new credit bundles

We are introducing new credit bundles to reward customers for buying €10 or €20 of Bleeper credit. The bundle offers will work as follows:

  • 10+1: Buy €10 credit and get an extra €1 for free
  • 20+3: Buy €20 credit and get an extra €3 for free.
  • 50+5: Buy €50 credit and get an extra €5 for free.

These new bundle offers will be available from the 1st of January 2024.

Why these changes are necessary

We are conscious of the increase in the cost of living over the past few years and have been extremely reluctant to raise our fees because of this.

However, our own costs of operating Bleeper have also gone up and we cannot continue to absorb all of those costs and still run a reliable public bike service.

We have endeavoured to make these fee changes in the fairest way possible, with the least impact on our most frequent users.

We are investing in a new fleet of bikes and will have the third generation of Bleeper bikes on Dublin's streets in 2024. This will result in better bikes, more widespread coverage of the city, and a better overall Bleeper experience.

Bleeper is a proudly Irish-owned and operated business, based in the heart of Dublin, and we look forward to growing our business here.