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Bleeper Launches in Crumlin Village

Bleeper Launches in Crumlin Village

Bleeper launches new Bike Sharing Hub in Crumlin

On World Bicycle Day, Friday 3rd of June, bike sharing service Bleeper launched a new “Suburban Hub” in Crumlin village. The creation of this hub will enable people to hire Bleeper bikes - and park them - in Crumlin village for the very first time.

The Crumlin village suburban hub is the first of its kind in the Dublin City Council area and marks a new approach from Bleeper which aims to bring bike sharing to more areas outside the city centre.

Bleeper Launches in Crumlin Village
Bleeper's new 'Suburban Hub' in Crumlin Village. Bleeper bikes can be parked - or hired from - inside the designated area shown on the map

Bleeper has designated a specific area around Crumlin village where its bikes can be parked. This parking zone runs along St. Agnes Road between Crumlin Post Office and Crumlin Garda Station. Bleeper bikes can be parked at any of the 40 public cycle parking spaces within this zone.

Bleeper bikes can be used by anyone who downloads the Bleeper app and creates an account. The app can be used to immediately unlock any Bleeper bike that you see on the street, or you can use the prebooking function to reserve a bike for up to 15 minutes before you begin your journey.

Bleeper Launches in Crumlin Village
Pictured at the launch of the Crumlin Village Suburban Hub were (L-R), Carmel McCartney, Dublin City Council, Hugh Cooney, CEO & Founder of Bleeper, Cllr Pat Dunne, Cllr Carolyn Moore, and John McEvilly, Dublin City Council

Community Engagement

Bleeper has created the Crumlin hub in response to requests for bike sharing from local community groups. Bleeper has engaged with the local community to identify the best location for the hub and will continue this engagement to ensure its success.

Founder and CEO of Bleeper Hugh Cooney said, “We hope the Crumlin village suburban hub can be a stepping stone towards greater access to bike sharing for people living in suburbs across Dublin.”

“It has been great to get direct feedback from the community in Crumlin and to hear their enthusiasm for bike sharing and for cycling in general.”

The arrival of Bleeper bikes to Crumlin has been warmly welcomed by locals.

“We’re very excited to have a Bleeper hub coming to Crumlin and to be the first suburb to try out this great idea where people who wouldn’t normally have access to it can now take part in a bike share scheme we see all over Dublin,” says Michelle Hardiman, of Crumlin Community Cycles.

“It will enable local people to cycle more often, while not having to worry about the expense or maintenance of owning a bike.”

Bleeper Launches in Crumlin Village
Pictured at the launch of the Bleeper Suburban Hub in Crumlin are Hugh Cooney, CEO & Founder of Bleeper, along with community group representatives and Councillors Carolyn Moore and Pat Dunne

15-Minute City

Bleeper’s suburban hub strategy is based on the popular urban planning concept of the 15-Minute City, which aims to put people’s everyday needs within a 15-minute walk or cycle of where they live.

“While we can’t have a Bleeper bike outside every home across the entire city, we can aim to give everyone access to a Bleeper bike within a short walk of their home,” explains Cooney.

“This new hub in Crumlin village will put a Bleeper bike within 15 minutes of everyone living in the wider Crumlin area.”

Speaking at the launch of the hub in Crumlin village, Kevin Meade, senior executive at Dublin City Council said: “We’re delighted to see Bleeper expanding its service to Crumlin and we’ll continue to work with our stationless bike hire operators to further enhance services for the people of Dublin.”

Bleeper Launches in Crumlin Village
Bleeper public rental bikes pictured at the new Suburban Hub on St. Agnes Road in Crumlin Village