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What's Changing with Bleeper?

What's Changing with Bleeper?

"The only constant in life is change." - Heraclitus


On February 3rd 2022 the entire Bleeper service moves to a new operating system and a new app. This new platform will make Bleeper more reliable and user-friendly, and will also enable us to add some new features & services.


The biggest change for our users will be the brand new Bleeper app. The new app incorporates the lessons we've learned since Bleeper was founded in 2017, as well as putting the very latest in Shared Mobility technology in the palm of your hand. We're excited for you all to see it very soon...


In the email below we're going to set out what you can expect from Bleeper over the coming weeks as we migrate to our new platform. There may be some minor impacts to our service during this short period but we expect these impacts to be kept to a minimum and we hope our users will be patient as we navigate through this transition.

New Bleeper App

The new Bleeper app will be released on Apple and Android platforms at 12.01am on February 3rd 2022.

What's Changing with Bleeper?

What's Changing with Bleeper?


This is a brand new app operating on a separate platform to the existing Bleeper app. This is not just an update to the existing Bleeper app. You will have to download and install the new app to continue using Bleeper's services after February 3rd 2022.

What's Changing with Bleeper?

Where does my Bleeper credit go?

If you are an existing Bleeper customer your account details and credit balance will automatically transfer to the new app, but you must take the following actions to ensure that you can access your existing account in the new Bleeper app:


1. Download & install the new Bleeper app on February 3rd

2. At the Login screen, follow the “Forgot Password” instructions

3. You will have to re-enter or update your Bank Card details

4. Uninstall the old Bleeper app after February 3rd 2022


We have created a detailed guide for how to access your Bleeper account on the new app here.

New Bleeper Locking System

Along with the new app, we will also be installing a brand new locking system on all our Bleeper bikes. There are two main differences with the new locking system compared to the old one:


1. You will no longer have to scan a QR code to unlock a Bleeper bike. Each Bleeper bike will have a unique four-digit number on the lock. You simply input this number into the Bleeper app and the bike will unlock.

2. The locking bar which you currently have to insert into the Bleeper lock will be replaced with a sliding bolt which sits within the lock itself. A new lock ring will be attached to the end of the chain, and the sliding bolt must be passed through this ring to lock the bike.

What's Changing with Bleeper?

What's Changing with Bleeper?

Timeline for Upcoming Changes

The transition to the new Bleeper operating system will begin on February 3rd 2022.


The new Bleeper app will be available to download from 12.01am on February 3rd.


We expect to have our entire fleet of Bleeper bikes operating on the new system by the end of February.


Over the course of the transition you might notice that there are fewer Bleeper bikes available during periods of peak demand. We hope that any minor inconvenience that our users experience in the short term will be countered by the long-term benefits that our new Bleeper operating system will bring.


As ever, if you experience any issues while using a Bleeper you can contact our Customer Care team directly via phone, email or through our contact form.