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Unlimited Monthly Pass is Here to Stay!

Unlimited Monthly Pass is Here to Stay!

In June we introduced an Unlimited Monthly Pass as a special offer, but it has proven to be so popular with Bleeper users that we've decided to make it a permanent feature.

Unlimited Monthly enables users to take an unlimited amount of 1-hour Bleeper rides per month for just €17.50. (Our previous monthly pass was limited to four 1-hour rides per day.)

After the first hour, an individual ride is charged at our normal Pay-As-You-Go rate of €0.02 per minute.

To avail of the Unlimited Monthly pass, simply open the Bleeper app and follow the instructions below:

1. Open your wallet in the Bleeper app

2. Select 'Buy a Pass'

3. Buy the 'Unlimited Monthly' pass

4. Make sure 'Unlimited Monthly' is selected as your tariff in your wallet