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Pit Stops Are Back!

You asked for it and we've delivered: The Pit Stop function is back!

You can now lock your Bleeper and put it in Pit Stop mode instead of having to end your journey. Many of you asked for this feature in our user survey in January of this year and we listened to your feedback.

The Pit Stop allows you to pop into a shop, grab a take away or attend an appointment while ensuring that your Bleeper will still be available when you're ready to go.

Pit Stops Are Back!

Important: You will still be charged while your Bleeper is in Pit Stop mode. The bike is still considered to be in use while in Pit Stop mode, and other Bleeper users cannot use it.

The Bleeper bike must still be locked properly when it is in Pit Stop mode. Our parking rules still apply and you may receive a fine if the bike is not parked correctly.

Pit Stops Are Back!