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New EU Policy Takes Cycling Seriously

New EU Policy Takes Cycling Seriously

On the 16th February 2023 the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the development of a European cycling strategy. One of the key goals of the new strategy is to double the number of kilometres cycled in Europe by 2030.

The resolution sets out a plan to build more cycling infrastructure, incentivise more bike, battery and component production in Europe, and create 2 million cycling-related jobs across manufacturing, retail, hospitality and health.

There are also calls for 2024 to be designated at the European Year of Cycling, with national governments being encouraged to take additional measures to enable and encourage more people to cycle. Some of the proposed measures include reducing VAT rates related to cycling, and radically increasing existing investments and incentives which promote cycling.The European Parliament's resolution has listed a number of specific actions and policies to enable more people to cycle, including:

- Significantly increase investments in safe, separated cycling infrastructure and integrate cycling into urban frameworks

- Take cycling into account when building or upgrading Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) infrastructure

- Include the cycling industry in the mobility ecosystem of EU industrial strategy

- Support the production of “Made in Europe” bicycles and components

- Enable the creation of additional high-quality green jobs in the cycling industry

- Increase the accessibility and affordability of bicycles

- Accelerate the development of EuroVelo, the European cycle route network, and its 17 routes

- Promote cycle-friendly workplaces

- Enable safe and secure bike parking spaces and charging capacity for e-bikes

-Designate 2024 as the European Year of Cycling.

Bleeper welcomes the adoption of this resolution and looks forward to working with EU, national and local organisations to implement the policies needed to double (at the very least) the number of kilometres cycled in Dublin and Ireland.