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Irish Independent reviews Bleeper's eBike Subscription

The Irish Independent's Tech Editor, Adrian Weckler, recently tested Bleeper's new eBike Subscriptions service by taking ownership of our Bleeper eCity 1 bike for a couple of weeks.

Bleeper Subscriptions is a new service which enables people to have their own eBike or eCargobike for a weekly subscription fee instead of the hefty upfront cost of purchasing one of these bikes.

Unlike Bleeper's public shared bikes, with Bleeper Subscriptions the bike is entirely yours, 24/7. The additional benefit of Subscriptions is that Bleeper with repair or swap your bike if you have any issues - all included in the subscription fee.

Adrian Weckler subscribed to our eCity 1 bike for his two-week trial. This is our commuter-orientated electric bike, ideally suited to getting around a city like Dublin. Below are some extract's from Adrian's review in the Irish Independent, and you can read his review in full here.

The performance of the electric bike itself is very decent.

Bleeper's eCity 1 Electric Bike

The range on the bike between full charges was, I found, reliably over 40km on near-maximum motor assistance.

The eCity 1 is available on two separate subscription plans to suit users' needs