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Bleeper Celebrates 100,000 Account Milestone

Bleeper Celebrates 100,000 Account Milestone

Bleeper is this week celebrating the major milestone of reaching 100,000 registered accounts - and to celebrate we are giving away a free day pass to all our users!


Having first launched in Dublin city centre in 2017 with a fleet of 50 bicycles, Bleeper now operates over 800 public bikes across Dublin City, Fingal and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.


To celebrate this significant milestone, Bleeper is giving all of its users, new and old, a voucher for a free day pass which can be redeemed any time up until Sunday 29th August 2021.

To redeem the Free Day Pass, simply open the Bleeper app menu and select ‘Redeem Coupon Code’. Use the code BLEEPER100 to claim your free day pass.


“We’re really proud to have reached 100,000 registered accounts,” says Bleeper CEO and founder Hugh Cooney. “We see it as an endorsement of the quality of service Bleeper provides, as well as an indication of the growing interest in cycling in Dublin.”

Bleeper Celebrates 100,000 Account Milestone
Growth in Bleeper registered accounts over the past two years

“When we launched in 2017 we were the very first dockless bike-sharing scheme in Ireland, so we really were pioneers. Since then we’ve expanded our bicycle fleet to cover an area of 100km² across Dublin and the number of people that Bleeper employs has quadrupled.”


Bleeper is also expanding its offering beyond on-street shared bikes: It recently launched a subscriptions service which enables people to lease their very own eBike or eCargobike. Bleeper’s Private Schemes service is providing private fleets of shared bikes to companies such as eBay, Actavo and Sonbrook.


Bleeper is also growing its cargobike fleet, known as BleeperBox, and is working with Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council on an innovative scheme which provides eCargobikes to local businesses. Bleeper also intends to enter the shared eScooter market when legislation is passed to govern the use of those vehicles.


“Increased awareness of climate change and the impact of the pandemic are two of the major factors behind Bleeper’s recent growth,” according to Cooney. “Bleeper offers a range of climate-friendly transport solutions which are ideally suited to getting around Dublin. We’ve also seen more people rediscovering cycling during the pandemic - something which has been reinforced by the provision of new cycling infrastructure across Dublin.”