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The New Bleeper App: A Guide

The New Bleeper App: A Guide

The entire Bleeper service moves to a new operating system and a new app on February 3rd 2022. This new platform will make our service more reliable and user-friendly, and will also enable us to add some new features and services.


The biggest change for our users will be the brand new Bleeper app. This isn’t just an update to the existing Bleeper app - it is a new app which you will have to download & install to continue using the Bleeper service. The new app will be released at 12.01am on February 3rd 2022.

The New Bleeper App: A Guide
The New Bleeper App: A Guide


If you are an existing Bleeper customer, your account details and credit balance will automatically transfer to the new app, but you must take the following actions to ensure that you can access your existing account in the new Bleeper app:


1. Download & install the new Bleeper app

2. At the Login screen, follow the “Forgot Password” instructions

3. You will have to re-enter or update your Bank Card details

4. Uninstall the old Bleeper app after February 3rd 2022


Action 1: Download & Install the new Bleeper App


The new Bleeper app will be released on both the App Store (iPhone) and the Google Play Store (Android) at 12.01am on February 3rd 2022.


Download the new app and install it on your phone. (Do not uninstall the old Bleeper app until after we have switched over to the new platform on February 3rd 2022.)


Action 2: Accessing your account on the new app


We are automatically transferring the account details and credit balances of all existing Bleeper customers to the new app.


Existing customers wishing to access their accounts on the new Bleeper app should follow the “Forgot Password” instructions at the Login screen.

Follow the steps below:

The New Bleeper App: A Guide

The New Bleeper App: A Guide

The New Bleeper App: A Guide


After completing the 'Forgot Password' process you will receive a verification code. Use this code to verify your account and reset your password.

Action 3: Enter your Payment Details


Once you have completed the “Forgot Password” process you must re-enter or update your Bank Card details. (This step must be completed by existing Bleeper customers.)


After you have entered your payment details you will have full access to the new app and should see the following homepage:


Action 4: Uninstall the Old Bleeper App


You should uninstall the old Bleeper app from your phone after we have switched over to the new platform on February 3r 2022.

After this time the old Bleeper app will be redundant and you won't be able to use it to access Bleeper's services.

Having some problems? Try these solutions:

"I get an error message when I follow the 'Forgot Password' process."

Some users are getting an error message (pictured below) when they attempt to follow the 'Forgot Password' process. In this instance please set up a new account (it only takes a couple of minutes) and then contact our customer care team via the in-app "Contact us" chat function. We can then manually apply your old credit balance to your new account.

The New Bleeper App: A Guide

"I didn't receive a verification code when I followed the 'Forgot Password' process."

We are aware of several customers who have followed all the steps correctly but did not receive a verification code. We are working to resolve this issue and we will update you are soon as it isfixed. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

(If you haven't done so - check your email inbox and your spam folder. The verification code is sent via email.)

"My credit balance did not transfer to the new app."

A few customers who topped up their Bleeper credit in the last few days (using the old App) have contacted us to say that their credit balance is not accurate in the new App.


If you believe your account balance to be incorrect, please contact our Customer Care team (via the new App's help feature) and ask them for your credit balance to be investigated. We will manually update your balance if there is a discrepancy.

"I have a monthly pass but my bank card is being charged for trips."

If you have a Monthly Pass, make sure that you select it as the payment method for your trips in your Wallet.

If your tariff is set as "Base Tariff" this will take payment for your trips from your Credit Balance or your bank card.

The New Bleeper App: A Guide