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Progress on Electric Scooter Legislation Welcomed

Progress on Electric Scooter Legislation Welcomed

Bleeper has welcomed this week’s announcement that the Government will draft legislation to regulate the use of e-scooters. This decision paves the way for the introduction of appropriate regulations for e-scooters and other electric micromobility vehicles.

E-scooters have become an increasingly popular form of personal mobility in recent years, but they are not road-legal under current Irish road traffic law. Users can face fines, penalty points, or may even have their e-scooters confiscated if they ride them on public roads.

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan is now proposing to create a new vehicle category called ‘Powered Personal Transporters’ (PPTs) which will include e-scooters and similar devices. The proposed legislation will allow e-scooters to be used legally in a public place and will also address safety standards for the vehicles.

Welcoming this week’s announcement, Bleeper CEO Hugh Cooney said, “We’re delighted to see progress on e-scooter legislation. We believe that e-scooters, along with e-bikes and pedal cycles, are going to play a crucial role in the future of sustainable urban transport.”

“We’re excited about expanding the range of vehicles which we can offer to customers and we’re looking forward to getting our Bleeper e-scooters out on the streets once this new legislation is passed."

Bleeper currently operates a fleet of shared pedal cycles across Dublin and plans to add pedal-assist electric bikes to its public offering in 2021.

Bleeper also recently introduced My Private Scheme to provide bike sharing solutions to corporates, hotels, business parks, state bodies and any other entity where the client requires a private bike share scheme. The scheme currently provides both pedal cycle and e-bike solutions to a number of clients in Dublin.