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Our Parking Fines Are Going Up

From the 3rd of May 2021, Bleeper will be increasing our Parking Fines - but here's the good news: The overwhelming majority of our Bleeper users have nothing to worry about!

Our records show that there is a 98.5% compliance rate with our parking rules, so a big thanks from us to all the people who are parking their Bleepers properly.

Bleeper bikes which are not parked correctly can cause the following issues:

- They can create a hazard for other people, especially disabled people or visually impaired people.

- Bleepers not parked at Sheffield Stands are in violation of our licence agreement with the local authorities.

- Our staff have to remove & re-park these bikes, and that costs us money.

The rule of thumb for parking a Bleeper is that if the bike rack is a ‘Sheffield Stand’ rack, located on public property (street), and is within our Purple Zone then you can park a Bleeper there and you do not have to worry about fines from us.

Our Parking Fines Are Going Up

The new parking fines are as follows:

- Parked outside our Purple Zone: Increasing to €20 (from€15)

- Not at a designated bike rack inside our Purple Zone: Increasing to €15 (from €10)

- Chain not attached to a bike rack: Increasing to €15 (from€10)

- Inconsiderate parking: Increasing to €20 (from €15)

If you feel you have received a fine in error, please contact us and we will be happy to investigate further.

For further information please visit our Parking Fines webpage.

Our Parking Fines Are Going Up
Bleeper's Purple Zone