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Howth Discounts for Bleeper Users!

Taking a trip to Howth? Well now you can get rewarded for making the journey via Bleeper (or via boat).

We've teamed up with Wrights Findlater and The Bloody Stream to offer 10% discounts on takeaways to anyway who cycles to Howth on a Bleeper.

The same discount also applies to people who come to Howth via Dublin Bay Cruises.

Howth Discounts for Bleeper Users!

All you have to do to claim your discounts is show your Bleeper 'Journey' screen (see below) at the till in The Bloody Stream or Wrights Findlater and you'll get 10% off your takeaway order.

This is one of a number of initiatives which Bleeper is engaging in to help reduce traffic congestion and encourage more people to travel by bike in the Fingal County Council area.

Howth Discounts for Bleeper Users!