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Bleeper raises €600,000

Bleeper raises €600,000

Bleeper has recently raised €600,000 from investors as the company prepares to roll out electric bikes and escooters within their public schemes.

Currently, Bleeper has a licence from Dublin City Council which allows for the operation of 1,000 bikes in the capital. Other bike operations include those within Fingal where Bleeper covers more than 60km2 as well as operating a pilot scheme within Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown.

This funding will enable Bleeper to expand on our offering to existing (75,000+) and future customers, and to continue the exponential growth we have experienced over the previous 12 months which saw both revenue and registered users increase by+300% and +125% respectively.

“We’re interested in making both ebikes and scooters available to our customers with roll out largely dependent on when legislation is passed allowing the latter. In other countries, escooters have tended to be more popular and so we’ll probably focus on them ahead of ebikes if it looks like they’ll be allowed shortly,” Mr Cooney, CEO and founder of Bleeper told The Irish Times.

Bleeper recently introduced My Private Scheme to provide bike sharing solutions to corporates, hotels, business parks, state bodies and any other entity where the client requires a private bike share scheme. The scheme currently provides both regular and ebike solutions to a number of clients in Dublin.