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Bleeper Celebrates Green Week with UCD

Bleeper Celebrates Green Week with UCD

UCD Green Week is an initiative arranged and run by UCD students, staff and societies working together through the Green Campus Initiative. The aim of Green Week is to raise awareness of environmental issues and to inform our community of ways we can reduce both our individual and collective impact on the environment.


Bleeper is proud to play its part in helping UCD to become a greener campus through the provision of a private fleet of shared Bleeper bikes. The bikes can be accessed by students participating in the UCD Study Abroad programme.

Bleeper Celebrates Green Week with UCD
Some of the UCD Study Abroad students with their Bleeper bikes

While the Bleeper bikes offer students an eco-friendly transport option, they’ve also proven to be a lifeline during the pandemic. Access to public transport has been reduced and students are limited to staying within 5km of their accommodation, but the Bleeper bikes have enabled them to make full use of the 5km available to them.

Here’s what some of the UCD Study Abroad have to say about their Bleeper bikes:

“With these bikes, I can get to the grocery store in half the time.” - Isa, Math Major.

“We’re excited about these bikes because we can all be more mobile around Dublin within our 5km radius.” Sydné Cook, International Coordinator.

“I can get to the music practice rooms a lot faster.” Jack Hanson, Engineering Major.

The UCD Study Abroad bikes are provided via Bleeper’s My Private Scheme service, which provides bike sharing solutions to corporates, hotels, residential developments, business parks and state bodies.


Users of My Private Scheme, such as UCD Study Abroad, can also access Bleeper’s public fleet of 800 shared bicycles across Dublin.